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Volunteer August-September 2023
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Apple Company 2023

Enjoyed the volunteers from Apple Plaza and Apple Leawood who assisted us in tending to the greenhouse processes!

Pro-X  Interns June-July 2023

Global One Urban Farming  just hosted and completed a 5 week summer Pro-X project with 9 interns ages 14-17. Students committed to 25 hours each week and Global One Urban Farming  provided the interns with professional mentorship in Business, Agricultural & Entrepreneurship. The project also allowed the students to solve a problem and come up with a solution within the company relating to retaining volunteers. The interns worked with Global One Urban Farming, local farmers and Missouri Organics to add vermiculture by way of a subpod with red wigglers to make worm castings to provide soil gold for our plants. Students built metal and wooden garden beds, a fire pit, created homemade swings, artwork, germination, propagation of vegetables and learned the greenhouse process as well as growing outside from seed to harvest to preservative methods.


October 2022


We produce and distribute free fruits and vegetables


We teach the process of seed to harvest to youth and adults


We convert blight land into sustainable gardens


We teach agricultural studies inside Kansas City, Missouri Schools

MoreAbout Us

Featured on Channel 5 News on Bales Avenue in 2009, the dream began when a mother taught her young son, Anthony Nealy, how to plant, nurture, harvest and eat his own vegetables.  It grew when Anthony and Staroyce married and Anthony found out his wife loved heirloom tomatoes, so they planted a 30’ x 40’ vegetable garden in the backyard of their urban home in 2009. We incorporated a non-profit, 501 c 3, charitable organization, Global One Urban Farming in 2017.  This allows us to produce and distribute food free to those in need in our USDA defined food desert communities. Quickly the garden spread to our elderly neighbors yard.  We enjoy talks while I harvest fresh vegetables for her kitchen. 

As we grew, we were able to use 1/2 an acre at Bishop Saundra McFadden Weavers church to continue growing our vegetables and giving them away free. We began germinating under the teachings of Fred and Helen Mercer from St. Joseph Mo.  We took control of the Washington Carver Greenhouse inside of African Centered College Preparatory Academy, which is where we first begin to teach the greenhouse process from seed to harvest teaching grades pre-k through 6th.  We were with ACCPA from 2013-2018.  We then started a garden club at Ewing Marion Kauffman School for 6th through 8th graders in which that program lasted from 2017-2019.  We purchased 1 acre of land at 4409 Cypress Avenue, Kansas City, Missouri 64130 where we produce and distribute free food and we now teach the process of growing vegetables from seed to harvest to children and adults.




Every month we distribute produce boxes to 150 households. In  2021, even during the pandemic, and with the help of our partners, we have distributed vegetables to 1,800 households. We have donated Thousands of pounds of vegetables in Kansas City, Missouri and the surrounding communities. We have had over 100 Volunteers to participate. 




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These are our 2023 services and programs & Fundraising events that we will offer here at Global One Urban Farming Community Garden spring and summer 2023:


Stars Healing Solutions

Chair Massage and Healing Solutions with Licensed Massage Therapist
Global One Urban Farming and Star’s Healing Solutions LLC offer chair massages and holistic healing solutions rooted in food as medicine.

Teachings of holistic healing solutions & Outdoor corporate chair massages in the garden.


Stars Fried Green Tomatoes

Our home grown organic heirloom tomatoes fried and made to order.


Global One Entertainment

KC Jazz in the Garden 

Jazz Event Series

April 8, 2023

June 10th, 2023

September 2, 2023

October 7, 2023

Live jazz representing KC and historical rich jazz history.


These events will be fundraisers to help raise funds for the 501 c 3 Charitable Organization Global One Urban Farming Community Garden Outreach & Youth Jobs Program!

We are now proud to say, we had our water meter installed July 2021!! We are currently having 12,000 more square feet of land, cleared of trees and debris. As of April 2022, we have leveled the land so we can now add black gold soil and get to planting!


Our next goal is supplying the high tunnel with necessary tools to teach and grow! We are looking to hire and pay youth scholars in the upcoming months!  


We have a new program with KIPP Academy where the youth will learn agriculture & entrepreneurship throughout the year.


Global One Urban Farming is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit charitable organization that grows organic vegetables

from seed, and distributes the produce free in Kansas City to low-income families,
neighborhood associations, youth, veterans and senior citizens to help those in need and to raise health levels.  

Check out our live drone view!




Here is a video to show what we do!

Thank you for all who were able to register for the event on Redesigning Our Communities for Life After Fossil Fuels

From Consumer to  Producer-How to grow your own food

Global One Urban Farming Co-Founder Staroyce Nealy was the speaking on November 12th, 2022, 1pm-5pm via zoom

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