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Get involved with the planning of upcoming health event fundraisers which includes lots of fun garden games, live entertainment, food and drinks, onsite therapeutic chair massages, other games like tetherball, horseshoes and baseball competition games. Our events and fundraisers will be updated and posted on our FB page.



First greenhouse constructed with the help of volunteers. 


This is the second much larger greenhouse at 4409 Cypress built to accommodate more growing for donations of food to our seniors, veterans, youth and families in the community.



Kauffman is located at 6401 Paseo, Kansas City, Missouri 


African Centered-College Prep is located at 6410 Swope Pkwy, Kansas City, Missouri

KIPP Academy- Classes began August 2022!

The mission and goal of Global One Urban Farming having School Garden Clubs is to teach students the greenhouse process of producing vegetable and flower plants from seed to harvest, and how to grow vegetables in indoor and outdoor organic gardens. 


The Garden Club is special because it teaches students in the Kansas City, Missouri urban core, who might not have otherwise had the opportunity, the knowledge and skills in urban agriculture to grow and maintain healthy organic vegetables and create sustainable vegetable gardens. 


The Garden Club also grows in containers with grow lights throughout the year. Students take home plants that they have grown themselves. Students learn benefits there are to cook with the herbs and vegetables they’ve grown in the classroom.  We also make presentations to parents, teachers, school community on what they’ve learned.

  • The Garden Club works with scholars in the inner city urban core that might never have any agricultural learning or knowledge of eating healthy organic vegetables produced by their own hands!

  • Most of our urban neighborhoods are considered food desert areas. The Garden Club can be a step toward changing that fact, which can be so important ultimately to these students in the urban core.

  • The Garden Club teaches students how to create sustainable organic community vegetable gardens in the midst of these deserts for their own good and their community’s good.

  • The Garden Club aims to teach students the full and complete process of how to produce organic vegetables and flowers in the greenhouse and in outdoor gardens within a full school year.

We are teaching the students how to produce a large volume of vegetable and flower plants. We teach the process from seeds, to plants and to harvest. We show students that they too in fact can do this same thing for themselves. The Garden Club offers student gardening activities all year around.  Each quarter of the year will feature different course activities: 


  • Germination of Vegetable and Flower Seeds 

  • Transplanting and Greenhouse Care Skills 

  • Outdoor Gardening Tasks

  • Outdoor Organic Gardening 

Garden productivity is how we know we have succeeded. Our program has produced thousands of vegetable plants and flowers that are grown and harvested and used at free outreach services to help feed those in need. Our success is measured through our productivity and how many students we are able to teach. 

We have now expanded to an acre of growing land and a greenhouse located at 4409 Cypress Avenue, Kansas City, Missouri 64130.  We invite you to come out and see us!

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